Adsense Revenue Calculator

Enter the features of your website, developed or to be developed, and this calculator will estimate its revenue by means of Adsense.

Average Pages  
The more quality pages, the better
Average Words/page  
The more quality words, the better
Adsense units/1000 words 1 is low ad density; 2 is normal, 3 is high.
The Adsense program will not let you include too many ad units in a page
Subject value
0 to 10
There is no rule to know the value of each subject. However, serious matters are more valuable than entertainment. Cars more valuable than bikes and so on.
Clickability % (CTR)
0 to 100. An ideal ad induces 100% of the viewers to click. More than 5% is suspiciously good and will likely get you banned from Adsense.
Google measures the quality of Adsense campaigns in CTR, Click-thru rate. 1% is quite good. Most campaigns get only 0.5%.*
SEO quality ()
0 to 10
Pages optimized for search engines rank better and get more traffic. This factor is more important than any other. For measurement of SEO results see our SEPI calculator
Language 3 for English, 1 for other languages
In our experience, Spanish content has lower click value than English.
Age of the project (years) (less than 10)
Age cannot be 0, at least 0.3

Domains get more valuable with time (unless there is a penalty)

Development cost
Enter your budget or actual cost
Usually 3 to 10 cents per word
Development cost (ours)
Our extra-low prices
We can produce content just for Adsense, or quality content... Ask us
Revenue/U$D day (Estimated)
Adsense income estimate
Any revenue will increase the sale price of your developed domain
Your development cost would be recovered in days:  
Probably a reasonable investment
Our development cost would be recovered in days:  
Under 2 years would be a very good investment.

These prices are a rough estimation. Write us for an exact budget.

*: High CTR depends on the skill of the webmaster, and combines many factors. Some subjects move to buying action, like cars or travel. Others are resistant to diversions, like literature or philosophy. Paradoxically, sometimes bad writing moves readers to click on the ads. The type of ad brought by the text depends on the keywords used by the writer.

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