Hyperactive.co.uk: This domain can be used for products or services related to the Hyperactivity - Attention Deficit Disorder in young boys. The main drug used in this condition is Ritalin. There are many psychologists or psychiatrists that specialize in this condition.

Additionally, the name is apt for a Marketing Company, stressing the energy that needs to be employed for an active and effective promotion of any kind.

We estimate the price of this domain in U$D 1800.

A development plan could be a blog with articles on Hyperactivity Syndrome, leaving space for ads by Mental Health professionals or drugs.

After development, it would be possible to obtain a position similar to this competitor:

add-adhd-help-center.com Estimated Worth $8614 USD

Daily Pageview 3934
Daily Ads Revenue $11.8

The minimum expectation would be:

attentiondeficitdisorder.ws Estimated Worth $2029.4 USD

Title ADHD | Attention Deficit Disorder Internet Links Project:
Description Hundreds of Links to ADHD related sites for parents
Daily Pageview 259
Daily Ads Revenue $2.78


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