FAQ - Domain Development Plans

How do you select the keywords?

We use the Google Keyword Tools and our own Keyword Thief.

How do you obtain content for the sites?

We scan the web for suitable content and we modify it to avoid claims. We use automatic synonym substitutions, phrase generation and other techniques.

Will I have problems with duplicated content?

No, we stop before reaching the limit for duplicated content. We never had penalizations for that reason.

Can the content pass the Copyscape test?

If you ask for it, we will do extra changes to avoid Copyscape detection.

Which are the available scripts?

Scripts provide interactive features: blog (for example Promotion Blog, forum (for example eWorkers Forum), news aggregator (for example BizIdeas ebook), classified ad system (for example Spanish Biz Ads). There are also less common scripts like Marketplaces, Auctions and others that pose special challenges. Ask about availability and price.

Is Script Installation equal to valuable content and traffic?

No. Scripts are selected in the context of an eMarketing strategy. After that, they are purchased, installed, configured, tested and seeded with content. The scripts are integrated with the rest of the website. After the script is working correctly, the promotion campaign on the site brings -eventually- the desired traffic.

Can I host my site in my own server?

Yes. For the scripts to work you need PHP and MySQL. You need to grant us full access, to be able to FTP, check stats, host pages from interlinked sites and do maintenance tasks. We do not guarranty that our scripts will work on any server. Atypical servers could mean extra cost.

Can I collaborate with you in the development job?

Yes, you are welcome to do so. We will warn you if your tasks interfere with ours.

How long does it take the Domain Development Service?

The Small plan takes one week, the Medium takes two and the Large takes three.

How can I measure the value of my site?

We provide a free estimation of the value of your domain. Of course, this is no exact science. There are no generic buyers for domain names, and the market is saturated with offers and very few requests.

There is a smart, automated valuation service for developed domains at WebsiteOutlook.com. We usually check the value of the developed domains and consistently obtain a value 30 or 40% larger than the developing fees.

Can you provide examples of developed sites?

Please ask us by email. We respect the privacy of our customers.

These sites do not necessarily correspond to the Standard Development Plans listed in this site.

How many pages will be indexed by Google at the end of the job?

We guarranty 90% of the created pages indexed by Google after 45 days of starting the project.

For how long I am committed to pay the maintenance fee?

No committment. You quit any time. It is your task to backup the site and take it elsewhere.

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