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Content Freshness, when used as a tool to attract spiders and Domain Development, is convenient to both users and SE spiders. For instance, one might regularly change a particular page's content with the goal to cause the SE spider to regularly revisit and locate new links to new pages within your site. We have automated tools that capture content from the web, de-link it (ask about Delinker) and use it for content.

For instance, if you create an information-type page that changes regularly you can induce the spiders to frequently check back to update Google's listing of that page. Once your fresh page has a spider's attention, then you can use it to plant new links to new pages you want the spider to find.

Such a strategy can markedly speed up the process of getting new pages listed in many of the engines and especially in Google. Just consider that your fresh page must change in file size at least 1K. In other words, simply changing a page's date isn't sufficient because such a change doesn't significantly change a page's file size. Other solution is to change selected blocks of text in order to inject sufficient change in the eyes of the spidering bots.


  • People looking for Home Based Businesses
  • Part Time and Full Time Entrepreneurs
  • Work-At-Home Parents looking for extra income
  • Domain Name Investors Who Need Fast Profitable Content For Their New and Old Domains
  • Internet Marketers who would like to add additional sites to their networks at low cost

Standard Service: Hosting, Content generation, Web design, Script installation, Affiliate Program Setup, SE submission. More.

Custom Service: Send us the details of your domain/s. We will give you suggestions along with our low costs for developing them. Write.

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