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There is no standard or generally accepted method for measuring the value of search engine positioning.
For each keyword phrase there are 2 main parameters: position (only the first 30-40 are considered useful) and total page number. The more pages listed under a certain keyword, the more competitive the term is and the more difficult to position a site.

SEPI: Total pages * Keyword Difficulty 2/ Position2

One of our sites is top ranked among 18,900,000 other pages. This means that 1 and 18,900,000 are used to calculate the SEP Index.
The simple solution would be to calculate:
Search Engine Positioning Index = Total page number / Position
However, we do not give value to any position greater than 30 or 40, because nobody cares to look at sites beyond the third screen.  Also, we need a measure of keyword difficulty, because some terms are extremely competitive. Thus, we propose this formula:

SEPI = Total SERP x Keyword Difficulty2 / Position2

SEPI: search engine positioning index

Total SERP: Total page results for the keyword searched in Google. The keyword can be a phrase, with or without quotes.

Keyword Difficulty: PageRank of the 10th site under that keyword.

There is a very good measure calculated from several factors, going from 0 to 1 (see below). We simplify this measure using PageRank of the 10th site under that keyword. 10th is arbitrary, but we found that the first 4-6 sites have a too high PageRank that does not reflect the term difficulty.

Position: position in Google SERP

There is an exhaustive method for calculating Keyword Difficulty, but it is complex, slow and depends on a private website:


Keyword Difficulty according


  0 - 15% Non-competitive term, top rankings achievable with well optimized on-page keyword use    
  16 - 30% Low competition, top rankings achievable with well optimized on-page keyword use and light link strength 35 Google First Place: 24% - 
  31 - 45% Slightly competitive, top rankings require well optimized on-page use and moderate link strength 743 SEO Tools: 41.49%
  46 - 60% Competitive, top rankings achievable only with highly optimized on-page content and substantial link strength    
  61 - 75% Highly competitive term, top rankings require on-page optimization, well-established history and robust link strength    
  76 - 90% Exceptionally competitive term, top rankings only achievable with highly-established site and overwhelming link strength    
  91%+ Among the most competitive terms on the web, only the most powerful & popular sites can achieve rankings    


We have some SEPI Examples
If we make a promotion campaign on an existing domain, we calculate its SEPI before the campaign and after the campaign.

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