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We can transform your empty domain in a developed website, with a defined identity, functional scripts, relevant content and good search engine ranking.

We deviced several web content tools, with the idea of filling many pages with little effort, and optimizing its contents for better placement in the web indexes.

Synonym replacement for no-problem new web contents

Synonymizer is a mult-faceted tool. The Text Editor is the first aspect and gives the product its name, because it starts from borrowed text and converts it in usable material by means of synonym replacement.

The second feature is the Phrase Generator, which starts from simple phrases and creates many variants of it, also by synonym replacement.

The Paragraph Generator combines many phrases into one paragraph.

Page Generator Software

The Gateway Generator is the second tool. It creates pages starting from the output of the previous program. It can make many hundreds of pages, each based in one keyword.

SEO Scripts being developed

The scripts are:

Octopus Link Quadrangulator, which lets the users add links to our pages, automatically.

SEO-friendly FAQ system, with several features that every website needs.

Delinker, a content tool that takes contents from 3rd party sites, delinks it, replaces words on it, and feeds it to the own site.

Ask us about this tools. See our SEO Tools and Service site for more details.

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Web content development for Search Engine Ranking

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