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Viral Marketing involves a concept, idea, name or product with features that encourage dissemination among potential users, buyers or adopters, using THEIR own resources.


"Viral" refers to the viruses that spread rapidly among susceptible population. The hosts are forced to build the virus particles and infect other subjects.


Most of the products that succeeded in the Internet used a viral marketing strategy, involving social networks, software, discussion sites or collective autorship.


Some fields that Viral Marketing can include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (Adwords)
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social network intervention
  • Software (programming, use)
  • Web Development
  • Web Usability
  • Web Analytics


A GREAT IDEA to start with
great viral marketing idea

A Typical Viral Marketing Campaign

First of all, there is NO TYPICAL Viral Marketing. Nevertheless, we try to define the common aspects of our job here, in order to clarify stages, objectives and times.

The idea and its carrier medium have to be original and innovative, a novelty worth talking about.

Ask us for an idea that suits your product and market.


Steps in the Creation of a Viral Marketing Campaign

Applies to any medium: (website, software, video, image, song)




bulletFeedback with client




bulletFinal Product





Hard to say in advance. Some products take days, others years.

Some clients have been working with us for 8 years now, in different product releases.

In most cases we go fast because we had previous experience in the product to be developed. In other cases we might need to pay extra attention into the development process. After all, Viral Marketing is mostly about creativity and originality.




We can run campaigns starting at 5,000 to 100,000 or more. A movie can be home made and cost almost nothing or have a large preparation and production component. A software requires a little more, depending on complexity. Blogs can be cheap if they do not require much research. Other kinds might need us to hire consultants. Ask us.


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Some of our products for Viral Marketing

Ideotic.com Home page

Business Ideas with Viral Marketing Potential

Credible but False News: Phonynews Blogspot blog - Extreme Web Promotion Ideas

Viral Marketing Software projects

See a sample of our Viral Marketing (adults only)

Octopus Link Quadrangulator and GGG (see below)


octopus link manager

Example of one of our Viral Marketing Products

Octopus Link Quadrangulator: a link exchange manager for webmasters interested in increasing traffic. Almost ready to be launched. This is a script in PHP, using a MySQL database, that manages link exchanges among 3 or 4 sites. This avoids the bad reputation of simple link exchange, that has been abused as a mean to obtain links to websites. We have this script that would be released in a free version, with advertising leading to the page to be promoted. Since most users will encourage link partners to use this tool for mutual equitable linking, the viral effect is assured.



Example of one of our Viral Marketing Products

Great Gateway Generator (GGG) : A search engine optimizing product. This software creates many pages, one based on each keyword, designed to rank well in Google and Yahoo. This is a sophisticated method to increase the incoming traffic to a website.

The free version of this software includes a few links to our sites in the generated pages. This puts webmasters to work for us, with their time, server space and bandwidth.


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