Our Synonymizer product is a Free Paraphrasing and Spinner Software.
It could have been called Paraphraser, but when we launched it only substituted synonyms for individual words.
We later added the possibility of replacing a string of 2-3 words.
It also could have been called Spinner. It has the ability to mix paragraphs, but most tools in the market call Spinner to a product with only the synonymizing feature. So, ours is a very complete Text Spinner. Rewriter is another nice word for it. In the spinners, articles are spun by replacing words with synonyms.
Synonymizer-Paraphraser-Spinner-Rewriter has 3 rewrite levels: 100%, 80%, 60%. I prefer the 100%, which uses the full word replacing power of the database.

This is an example of an online conversion tool. The original text was taken from this article on automatic content generation. This is the converted material:

Maybe the thought is not all that awful all things considered. There is positively a chance to grow a business’ potential yield utilizing this kind of programming, and it is one that is as of now being willingly seized upon by various organizations. Still, as Clerwal’s study demonstrated, the human component is still esteemed by perusers and this is something computerized content has yet to ace.
In spite of the utility of this product, a human author conveys something to the table that a PC essentially can’t. As Gray researches beneath, the inventive expressions are in no way, shape or form insusceptible to.

The last phrase is non-English to my taste. A second spinning does not go back to the original back to the original article, which is good.

Here we use another tool, from this site. It is rather slow, which should be promising in terms of quality writing. We used the same original text, and this is the spinned result:

Perhaps the thought isn’t therefore unhealthy on balance. there’s definitely a chance to expand a business potential output victimisation this type of computer code, and it’s one that’s already being thirstily taken upon by varied corporations. Still, as Clerwall™ study showed, the human component continues to be valued by readers and this is often one thing machine-driven content has nonetheless
to master. Despite the utility of this computer code, a person’s author brings one thing to the table that a laptop merely cannot. As CGP gray investigates below, the inventive arts square measure by no suggests that proof against.

The result is acceptable. The software spinner is sometimes confused by capital letters. I like the fact that it uses colors to show how the words were treated by the software.

Another spinning tool is Plagiarism.net. This is the result of the same original article:

Perchance the principles is shout consequently dissolute substantiate on all sides of.
Beside is unqualifiedly an engagement to waft a business’ proficiency harvest point this brand name of software, and it is four stray is in front of animalistic untiring afflicted there by bizarre companies.
Less agitated, as Clerwall’s investigate showed, the profane orientation is lull beloved by readers and this is aim fervent faculty has compensate to adroit. Without thought the usefulness of this software, a natural initiator brings detail to the eat mosey a adding machine desolate cannot. As CGP Superannuated investigates here, the prominent arts are by elfin mechanism embody to.

It is nice that replaces most words at 100% rewrite level, although the meaning is not that good.

Our Synonymizer Text spinner/generator is the only one so far that reports the number and percent of replaced words, which is essential to create text undetectable to plagiarism detectors.

We will continue this research in a next article.

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