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All the services needed to promote your web: 
Search Engine Submission and Positioning, Content Marketing, AdWords, Link exchange

Standard Campaigns (new domains, new content, new servers)

Our standard web site promotion campaign service includes:



Check details and prices for our 3 standard campaign types.

Plan Keywords Domains

Setup Fee/Monthly fee

Small 10 1 225/25
Medium 20 2 400/50
Large 30 3 600/75

Keyword generation: Well-chosen keywords will help you target your efforts and capture the attention of your public. An expert operator will research your subject, according to your suggestions, using specialized software.

Content: Relevant, non-repetitive, keyword-related text is paramount to the success of your web promotion campaign. We usually extract content from the web and make changes to it, in order to differentiate it from the source. The amount of content needed for a promotion campaign is related to the number of keywords. 

Page generation:The web pages are generated with the eMarketer software

Hosting: Our hosts are top-quality hosts. We use different providers across the world for completely different IP blocks in our standard multi-domain campaign. You will have the password for FTP access and the necessary data to transfer your domain to the server you want at any time. 

Submission: We mainly do hand submission, which is required by all the quality indexes. It includes spiders and directories. We do all the required link exchanges. Our low rates for these time-consuming tasks are possible because our off-shore submission operators are faster and cheaper than most webmasters. 

Creativity, Custom research, Viral Marketing, Custom programming: ask for a quote.

Standard Campaigns -  More Details

Some data that we need before starting your campaign

Success-based campaigns - SE metrics - SEO service on existing sites - Ask for custom campaigns

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