The use of Synonym replacement software can lead to different kinds of materials.

This sample was extracted from a Purdue University text, on the subject of avoiding plagiarism. The title is “Overview and Contradictions”.

This was processed with the above linked software:

Research-based handwriting in American establishments, both educational and collective, is crowded with axioms that authors, notably amateurs, aren’t acquainted of or don’t apprehend how to come after. Countless of these axioms have to do with analysis and appropriate excerpt. Achieving acquaintance with these axioms, after all, is critically valuable, as inadvertent errors are able to conduct to accusations of plagiarism, which is the uncredited employment (both calculated and accidental) of someone else’s lyrics or concepts.

While some declamatory conventions may not be firm so decisively on recording founts of lyrics, beliefs, figures, sounds, etc., American bookish declamatory convention does.

In some places it is obvious that the original meaning is deformed or even lost.

We detected errors when the “Replace all” option is selected, for instance it replaces CAN for BOTTLE, and also AFRICAN for AFRIBOTTLE.

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