Our eBook on Business Proposals

The recently launched ebook is called “Naked Business Proposals”, and can be downloaded at business-ideas/ebook . Version 1.0 is freeware and has no photos. Starting in version 2.0 it will have photos illustrating the articles, a cheap trick to obtain readers looking for naked things or persons… The illustrated book will come in 2 versions: a freeware with non-naked girl photos and incomplete proposals, and a paid version with everything on it.

The book features 37 business proposals of mine that are current, viable, profitable and reasonably fundable by small investors.

  1. Virtual Shares
  2. Security camera surveillance
  3. Outsourcing Centre
  4. Sport Team Assembling
  5. Hitchhikers Portal
  6. Virtual Personal Trainer
  7. Collective Writing Platform
  8. Collective Music Platform
  9. Complaint Board – Independently hosted quality control area for commerce sites
  10. Politic Idea Aggregator – Voting Decision Maker
  11. 1% Realtors
  12. Editions marketplace
  13. Art  Aggregator for automated appraisal
  14. Information Technology Distance Tutoring
  15. Naked Girl Pictures as Article Illustrations
  16. Virtual Cemetery – Search engine for dead Dot coms and persons.
  17. Expert Systems
  18. Problem Solver Provider
  19. Futurologists Arena (predictions and bets marketplace)
  20. Selective Personal Pages
  21. Verifiable CVs
  22. Health bizz1: EMR
  23. Health bizz2: Telemedicine
  24. Health bizz3: Medical Marketing
  25. Health bizz4: Medical Knowledge Marketplaces
  26. Health bizz5: Traceable Medicine
  27. Health bizz6: Opportunities for Pharmaceutical companies
  28. Psychological Testing and Treatment
  29. Game Psy Descriptors (long project posted elsewhere)
  30. Virtual Sex
  31. Web Promotion Lab
  32. Non-virtual Businesses 1: Termite Farming
  33. Non-virtual Businesses 2: Bendable Trees
  34. Non-virtual Business 3: Scientific Soccer
  35. Non-virtual Business 4:OwnInk
  36. Non-virtual Business 5: Pig/chicken Food Recycler
  37. Non-virtual Business 6: Portable Painting Machine

Check the book while it is free and partner with me in a proposal, while they are available…