Support for purchasers of our GGG software

The GGG (Great Gateway Generator) project was born in 2002 as a gateway page generator. Over the years there were 2 spinoff softwares: Keyword Thief (a keyword retrieving spider) and Synonymizer (a content generator). There are also some beta-stage PHP scripts that complemented the main product: Octopus Link Quadrangulator, Search Engine Optimized FAQ System, and Delinker.

Over the years we collected several testimonials from customers who succeeded in improving their SE rankings using GGG, and we used it to provide service to our customers. Several buyers requested special features and appointed custom programming from us. Most of those improvements were incorporated into the products.

We suddenly realized that the gateway pages WERE NOT the reason for the good ranking results obtained with GGG… Something else was, and the links had something to do with it. Thus, the product should might be renamed from Gateway Generator into “Optimized Site Generator”, “Website Ranking Enhancer” or something like that. The new name would also reflect the fact that the product did not rely on Black Hat techniques, like gateway pages.

The many changes in the Google algorithm have not affected the ranking power of GGG. However, there is a need in a strategy change. Very large projects are no longer acceptable, because the sudden increase in pages and links is seen as unnatural by the Search Engines. Slow but permanent site growth is now required. In GGG, that means periodically adding more domains or directories as secondary hosts holding random pages.

The other change in Google is related to subtle penalization of domains that do not follow some hidden guidelines, like “No Content Duplication” and “No Bad Neighbourhood Linking”. For that, we are developing special tests that set off the alarm before having the offensive pages indexed.

Having said this, we admit that we never completed an extensive testing on the optimal settings of the GGG Projects, the minimal and maximal values for keywords, domains and pages, and the limits for safe operation without getting penalization.

At this point we have 3 goals:

– create an effective communication channel for users of GGG. At this point, I publish the results of the Web Ranking Experiments in this public blog. However, the most critical info will be mailed to paid subscribers of the future Page Generators Newsletter.

– release GGG 4.0 in no more than 3 months.

– offer a Website Ranking Enhancer service for those who do not have the time and patience to obtain the new software, create the contents and upload the pages. We will use the latest GGG, Synonymizer and Keyword Thief, plus all the knowledge on optimized page generation that we have collected and keep collecting.

– run a permanent Testing System for our GGG pages, in order to be aware of the best site settings according to Google, and to provide the best possible service to our customers.

– acquire more hosting services with different IPs, in order to host our pages without loss of ranking value.

For all those web promoters out there that want to enhance their web rankings, we announce different service packages in this site.