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Pricing Factors for optimizing an existing Web Site.
FACTOR Importance
Pages The more pages in your site, the higher the price. We need to know them all, to check them for HTML syntaxis and link integrity, and eventually optimize them.
Keywords More keywords you want to promote mean more effort. They require time to research, to submitt, and they need at least one optimized page each.
Domains If you use or want gateway domains, there are more tasks involved.
Internal Links More internal links in your site, mean more site complexity. Links require ckecking for integrity.
Incoming Links More incoming links to your site mean a more visible site. These sites usually have better ranking, and require extra effort to improve. Linking partners usually require some attention.
Languages Running a campaign in an extra language usually means the duplication of the promotion effort. Sometimes de second language receives less attention; this fact is reflected in the price. We currently do English, Spanish, French and Italian only.
PageRank Sites with better PageRank require extra effort to improve it. They are usually more visited and complex.

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Our approach to website promotion - SEO (search engine optimization) and other techniques.

A) Before SEO, obtain content.

We collect content using the customer's materials, and any other available information. We use our "Synonymizer" software to generate variation and to enrich the vocabulary. More content allows us to get more pages and more presence in the search engines. Do not intend to create wide topic websites: be highly specific.

If you need to cover several different topics, use different domains and do not necessarily mention that you own both of them. If you are a SEO expert and a piano player, make two non-related websites. Nobody cares if you are the best SEO pianist or the best pianist SEO.

B) Domain name helps SEO from the start:

There are two theories: one defends easily brandable names, like "" or "". Short, catchy names are best. Like (We had but we sold it to make some cash).  The second theory supports the use of keywords within the domain. If you can afford it, get several domains.

C) Site Design:

The simpler the better. Lots of text content, light pages, correct HTML syntax. No Flash or Javascript. If necessary, we build a parallel website linked from the Home page. Keep pages under 110k if you can.  

D) Updated content:

It is good to add one page of content per day at 200-300 words. Use good keywords. Our KeywordThief software is useful to pick up the keywords that competitors use the most.

E) Keyword density

Use the keyword several times in the title, once in description tag, once in a heading, once in the url, once in bold, once in italic, once high on the page, and hit the density between 3 and 10%. If you want to be aggressive, compare the best ranked pages in your field. We do it rutinely by software.

F) Outbound Links:

This is questionable. Some SEOs publish links from several pages, not just from the links.htm page. Link to the big sites, PageRank 7 or more. Use your keyword in the link text (anchor text).

G) Internal linking.

Use logic and try to make navigation easy. Again, use your keyword in the link text (anchor text). Make sure your shopping cart is always at hand. Use both text and images to link to your targets.

All pages should be linked to several pages on your site, and not more than 2 levels deep from root. Our optimized sites usually have directories named as keywords.

H) Publish.

Spread your websites accross different Ips. Do not use free services. Don't put it online before you have it ready.

I) Submit

Get listed in as many search engines as possible, except in those with PageRank 0, 1 or 2. If you have the budget, submit to Looksmart and Yahoo. Use commercial tools for selecting, submitting and tracking.

J) Logging and Tracking:

It is necessary to have good stats. Do not use free counters with outbound links. You need to know how the visitors come to your site, which words they use to search for it, and which are the most requested pages.

K) Link exchange:

It is necessary for good PageRank. Exchanging links is very time-consuming. And you need to check the links to your website are alive every now and then. Ask about our exclusive automatic system, the Octopus Link Exchange Manager.

L) Get material from the users:

Request articles, testimonials or other info from your visitors. If possible, start a board system with several forums about the more polemic and variable subjects within your main subject.

M) User your imagination and creativity.

If they run out or prove insufficient, ask for ours. 

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