Success-bound Campaign costs

A standard promotion campaign includes domain setup, keyword research, content generation, script installation, SE submissions and other actions. The new websites are optimized for Search Engine positioning. Read about Search Engine Optimization if you want to know some more.

For Standard campaigns we charge a fixed value, for simplicity sake. There are three packages depending on several variables, as seen in Standard Campaigns -  More Details

When the client demands a more ambitious campaign we can offer a success-related fee, using our measurement system described below. Success can be defined in terms of the rankings of some agreed keyword phrases. Those phrases must have intermediate ranking difficulty, since it is very difficult to be ahead of the 475,000,000 pages listed under "money", but quite easy to be ahead of the 5 pages listed under "synonymizer software". The Website Ranking Index is our mathematical aproach to this measurement.

The success-bound campaigns have 2 payments: a basic fee and a Premium fee. The latter is tied to the ranking results. If we fail, we do not even recover our costs. If we succeed, we earn money. And so do you, by sure.

Is the Website Ranking Index absolutely transparent and easy to calculate?

Yes. You can calculate it yourself. It depends on the ranking of your newly created site, under your selected keywords. It also depends on how many pages are listed by Google for the selected keyword. The more pages listed, the more difficult and valuable is to get a good ranking. It only considers the first 100 places, because nobody cares to be listed after the 2nd or 3rd SERP screen. The Search Engine Positioning Index is the sum of all the individual Page Ranking Indexes for all of your appointed keywords.

SEPI = TotalGooglePages * Keyword Difficulty / (Ranking ^2)

See pri-wri2.htm for an example.

What do we consider High, Medium or Low Search Engine Positioning Index? 

High: 1,500,000 or more. Equivalent to a 4st position among 1,000,000 pages. Or to a 1st position among 250,000. Or to 5 pages ranked in 20th positions among 2,000,000 total pages.

Medium: 100,000 to 1,500,000. Can be reached with a 10th rank among 600,000 pages.

Low: 0 to 100,000. 

Success-bound costs:

From $1100 upfront - $0.01 per SEPI   unit at  60 days, after sending the above mentioned report showing a successful Google positioning.

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