Standard Campaign features

How to choose good keywords

We request a few keywords from you, because they will guide us in the creation of the whole website and campaign. They define your main subjects, public, market and approach. 

We suggest to use very  specific keywords. General keywords like "medicine", "insurance" and "adults" are almost impossible to use. if you are in doubt, count how many results they bring in any SE (Search Engine).  Google, Altavista or Yahoo give you that number in the first lines in your SERP (search engine result page). More than 20,000 keywords are indication of a very crowded market. If you search for "medication" you get 14 million results, while "Low-cost Medicines from India" gives you just 3.

If you give us a few keywords and we need to complete them to reach the contracted amount (10, 20, 30 or more), we will use some dedicated tools, like AdWords Generator, which finds highly-demanded, low-offered keywords. And our own KeywordThief, KeywordThief, which extracts keywords from well-ranked competitive pages.

We do not limit our campaigns to those 10, 20 or 30 keywords. Those are just "1st. level keywords". Each one of them will have 2 to 10 "sub-keywords" or 2nd level keywords , which cover more restricted aspects of the 1st. level keyword.

Keywords are a very important issue with any promotion campaign. They are used to establish the cost of a campaign and to measure its success. They define the type of public that will be attracted to the web pages. Every keyword has several associated pages and often directories. Many of our e-marketing actions must address one keyword at a time.

How we choose good domains for you

If you already have an empty domain, or know of an available domain, please give us access to it. Otherwise, we will suggest you a list of available names and you will choose 1, 2 or 3, according to your campaign type. The payment for the domains (1 year) is included in our prices. 

We choose catchy names with your keywords in it. The keyword density, the repetitions or synonyms, the extension, the dashes or low dashes (- or _) are selected after analyzing its chances of getting good ranking with our exclusive software named "SE Algo Cracker" (not yet released to the public).

The domains are registered into your name and you have the access password and the right to delegate it to the server you want. You must pay the maintenance fee only while your domain is pointing to our servers.

How we create content for your site

We search for good, relevant content in the WWW. We first use the contents of the client's own website, unless there is a restriction. Then we use public sources and finally we use edited content from well-ranked sites. Our edition prevents any complaint for copywritten text. We have developed software ( Synonymizer ) and scripts (Delinker) that helps us create the large amounts of content required for good ranking.

We also consider technical issues like vocabulary, keyword density, presence of Trademarks to be avoided and semantics.

How we create thousands of relevant phrases for your site

The methods and examples are published in our website 

How we decide how many pages we create, host and promote

The number of pages is related to the amount of available content, the number of keywords and the number of domains defined in the campaign details page. We change our optimal page number values from time to time, according to the latest SEO news in the accepted expert sites and to our own research.

How we generate a proper internal linking structure

Those are features of our Optimized Page Generator software. See details about this product in our website

Shortly, if you have few keywords, we create a group of keyword-specific (1st level) pages and directories. There will be a sitemap.htm file that will link to the 1st. level pages. Every 1st level page will have links to 2nd level pages, which are based in sub-keywords. 

There will also be some random pages, which combine one keyword and one subkeyword from another group. Those pages will be hosted in the main domain or in the extra domains, for larger projects. The random pages are linked from 1, 2 or 3 index pages, and these index pages are also linked from the main sitemap.htm. 

Periodically we create extra pages, and make sure they are added to the existing domains. Renewed contents is an important part of our promotion campaigns. Also, we apply all the convenient promotion strategies that periodically appear in the Web.

Which scripts we run and maintain

The scripts are related to the amount of available content, the subject of your site, the keywords and the campaign type. We change our scripts from time to time, according to our programming developments, to the latest SEO news in the accepted expert sites and to our own research.

Why we run limited Google Adwords campaigns

AdWords (ads leading to your site in the Google sponsored searches and sites) are run as a means to force Google to index your new site. AdSense (ads leading to third party sites in your own site) are also a means to force indexation, and to make pages more attractive and useful. The costs and eventual income from these ads are included in the cost of the campaigns. This campaigns are managed by us in all its aspects. We of course accept suggestions.

Where and how we submit

Manual submission to directories is included in all our campaigns. Large and Medium Campaigns includes Link Exchange with SEs at our discretion as a mean to increase your web presence and obtain PageRank.

Automatic submission is made with always-updated software. Those have less value every day, but nevertheless we still run them. 

Check details and prices for our 3 standard campaign types.

Some data that we need before starting your campaign

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