Scripts as Web Content Tools

Script Description Benefits Example Cost U$D
News Aggregator News or ideas can be voted by the public and they climb in the ranking The users provide content and help select the quality one. Bizz ideas
Directory A hierarchical link collection Everyone can publish a link, you authorize them. You collect valuable info on any subject and the directory becomes valuable for advertisers. Tbilisi (Georgia - Former USSR) Directory
Free Ad Platform Everyone can publish an ad. You collect emails and are allowed to remind them once a week to renew, possibly paying. free business ads in Spanish
Proprietary SEO-friendly FAQ system Every question has a page. Your answered questions are more easily found. Web Promotion FAQ
Ad platform Your sponsors run their own ads in your site A valuable system for advertisers to control their investment in your site.  
Blog with SEO features You publish your content Wordpress plus SEO features. You are more visible in the web with every posting you make and comment you receive. Promotion Blog
Link quadrangulator Free link exchange and management Quadrangulation is better than reciprocal exchange, because it is not penalized
Forum The public discuss openly Your visitors contribute with indexable content. eWorkers forum
Others Many possibilities tailored to your site You have a chance to deliver value to your visitors  

We can transform your empty domain in a developed website, with a defined identity, scripts, relevant content and good SE ranking.

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We deviced several content tools, for filling many pages with little effort, while optimizing its contents for better search engine rank.

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