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Preliminary Domain Valuation is Free - A more exhaustive, accurate valuation is U$D 39.00 4.99 (while we are not busy developing domains)

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See examples of our Valuation Reports Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Netic Infoservices.

The report contains:

Value without any content:  
Value with site development campaign:  
Value with business development campaign:  
Value for fast sale:  
Best value after posting in 25+ Domain Selling-Auctioning sites (2-3 months delay):  
Value of the main 3 competitors in desired field:  
Our suggestions for optimal sale:  

We can also suggest ways to promote your domain and implement them.

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We can assess the value of your domain and increase it, by means of content generation, inclusion in directories, free classifieds and many other techniques.

Every expert agrees now that domains must grow content and links slowly and steadily for good ranking results. We have the resources and expertise to do it for you.

How developing a domain increases its selling value

Consider your domains as an investment, let us add good content to them, and they will double its value in a matter of months.

Traffic coming from search engines can be monetized selling ad space, for instance with Google Adsense. This is the easiest product to sell, although affiliate programs for specific products can be much more rewarding.

A domain with good Google ranking can be sold faster and at a better price than just a name, because it demonstrates its money-making ability.

Domain value depends on how frequently searched are its best keywords. For that reason, we use the monthly searches statistics under those keywords, as reported by Overture or Google.

A domain with good traffic can sell ad space to Google AdSense. It is a gross approximation to the revenue forecast for any site.

If you multiply the monthly revenue by 18, you have a reasonable estimation of the resell value of any business.


A model for domain appraisal

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